Set in the heart of Europe, Central Europe is a region that includes countries like Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Switzerland, Slovenia, and Liechtenstein. Ethnically diverse, these countries still share a similar history and culture. If you want to witness the old-world appeal, you will be surprised to discover medieval walled towns, half-timbered houses, and graffiti-decorated Renaissance squares in Central Europe. There are several outdoor cafes, beer gardens, interesting places for indulging in adventure sports, such as hiking, biking, skiing. During your stay in Central Europe, you must explore Prague’s Castle and Old Town Square, Krakow’s medieval buildings and coolest bars, Switzerland's Jungfrau region, Ceský Krumlov’s riverside restaurants and Newcastle Mountains and take a tour of the soaring peaks of the High Tatras.

In Central Europe, the summer months are the peak time for tourism. The weather is warm and sunny and prices go up. Between May and September, the crowd is less and airfares and accommodation prices also go down. However, the pleasant time to visit the region is from November to December as light snow begins to cover up the rooftops and the ground and streets get lit up with gleaming Christmas markets.