Dubai, a glitzy city in the United Arab Emirates, is all about skyscrapers, historical sights, white sandy beaches, huge ports, luxurious automobiles, and exciting food scenes. It is undoubtedly, one of the world’s most beautiful places to visit and no less than a smorgasbord where you can do and explore a lot of things and places. During your trip to Dubai, you can haggle and shop at the Gold and Spice Souks, visit Burj Khalifa- the tallest building in the world, party in any of its nightclubs and bars, sit and relax at the Jumeirah Beach, enjoy a thrilling ride with Desert Safari, go for skiing despite Dubai’s sizzling hot temperature, and admire the beauty of its architectural wonders.

In terms of the weather, Dubai only experiences a hot season. However, the best time to visit the city is between November- March, when sun-seekers from around the globe flock to the city. You need to get your reservations done in advance if planning to come during these months. While April to October is extremely hot and prices go down.