From world-class shopping malls to myriad of tourist spots, delicious food to vibrant nightlife, Singapore has it all. It is called by various names- “Lion City,” “Garden City,” or “Instant Asia” and a perfect destination for families as well as couples. Talking about the public transport system of this city-state, it is safe, cheap, and convenient, which makes getting around the city and exploring an easy affair. Above all, it is one of the cleanest and well-planned cities in the world, offering great experiences to its visitors. Some of its major tourist attractions that are extremely famous include Gardens by The Bay, National Gallery, Merlion Park, Marina Bay Sands, The Intan, Pulau Ubin, Night Safari Park, and many more.  

Best time to visit Singapore? Well, you can come here anytime during the year. The weather remains warm and tropical throughout the year. However, to make the most of your holiday, November-June is the ideal time. During these months, you can enjoy major festivals, like Chinese New Year, Zoukout music festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and Thaipusam.