Home to the glorious temples, white sandy beaches, lively streets, rich cultural heritage, Thailand is a Southeast Asian country that has something for every tourist. Whether you are a shopaholic, food lover, night owl, the adventurous kind, have interest in art and architecture, or simply on a lookout for a budget-destination, the “Land of Smiles” is the place for you. On your vacation to Thailand, you must visit Bangkok, the frenetic Thai capital, Phuket- the largest island in Thailand, Krabi and Koh Samui for a fantastic beach experience, and Pattaya for a fun-filled vacation. Some of its top-rated tourist spots include names like the Grand Palace, Sunday Walking Street, Sukhothai Old City, Doi Suthep, Floating Market, Tiger Park, and several others.  

The best time to visit Thailand, especially for the island and beach lovers is between December and February when the sky is clear, there is less humidity in the air, and you won’t be troubled by the sun. Although these are winter months, you will only need to wear a light sweater in the evening.