Turkey is a country in the Middle East, straddling Western Asia and Eastern Europe. What makes it a unique and worth-visiting place is its tall mountains, cosmopolitan cities, crystal clear water, ruins of the ancient empire, and picturesque villages. When it comes to food, every Turkish region has its own kitchen culture, recipes and ingredients. If you are a foodie, this may be a heaven for you. During your vacation in Turkey, you can explore its charming beaches, admire the beauty of archaeological sites, like palaces and mosques, spend a day touring the fantastic museums, go hiking in the Rize Province, try skiing in the Uludag Mountains and much more.

Although Turkey is a country that can be visited year-round, the pleasant time to visit the region is during the spring and fall seasons, i.e., in April, May, and mid-September through mid-November because the summer season is hot and dry and winters are freezing cold. During fall and spring months, the tourist crowd is less, skies are sunny and the climate is good. Also, you will have a chance to save on accommodation and airfares.